How to become a Microsoft Teams super user – Insider Tips from the Teams team

Want to learn how to get the most out of Teams from the folks behind the product? We asked the Teams team to share their favorite Teams tips and tricks.  


Looking for more super user tips? Keep reading to learn how to: 

  • Increase your focus time 
  • Collaborate better with others 
  • Stay organized 
  • Have fun in Teams!

Microsoft Kaizala : Coordinate work across dynamic networks of people

Today’s workplace extends well beyond organizational boundaries, and there is an increasing need to connect your entire business value chain, including your Firstline workers, vendors, partners, suppliers, and customers. A disconnected value chain hinders productivity, slows down decision making, prevents the ability for insights to surface from the field, and creates potential for customer dissatisfaction. Today, consumer messaging apps are often used between people across the value chain, but this poses security, privacy and compliance risks to company data. Microsoft Kaizala aims to solve a lot of these challenges, especially in mobile-first, developing markets.

Microsoft Kaizala is a simple and secure mobile app, with easy sign-up using just a phone number. It enables networks of people to connect and coordinate work across their roles, spanning Firstline workers, vendors, partners, suppliers, customers, and citizens.  Many organizations are already doing amazing things with Kaizala.

New SharePoint view formatting samples now available

publishing three new view formatting samples that you can use to jump start your own projects.  The new samples demonstrate view formatting in document libraries and lists.  They also demonstrate how to apply responsive designs to ensure the display looks great in desktop, tablet, and mobile devices as well as adjusting the layout appropriately when placed inside a web part on a page.

Each sample includes SharePoint site scripts, so you can quickly create the SharePoint lists and views that support the samples and try them out.   And formatted views also work great inside SharePoint web parts or tabs on Microsoft Teams.

You can browse and download all these and more on the Microsoft 365 Resource Center.