New InfoPath Resources and App Templates in the SharePoint Business Apps Resource Center

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Reinventing business process is an essential part of journey to digital transformation.  Modern tools for forms, automation and reports let users become their own solution designers, empowering employees to unleash creativity and teamwork to achieve more.

SharePoint lists are already a great home for your business data, with capacity in each list for up to 30 million items.  And Microsoft Forms, PowerApps, Flow and Power BI offer powerful ways to create business apps that work with lists and experiences in SharePoint and OneDrive.

One of the best ways to learn more about this transformation is the SharePoint Business Apps Resource Center.  The Resource Center offers eBooks, white papers, case studies, demos and more.  Plus, it’s not a hard URL to remember:

Triggers for Microsoft Planner, actions for SharePoint attachments, and other connector improvements

Planner triggers

One of the top-voted requests on the Ideas forum is for us to add triggers for the Microsoft Planner connector. This week we are announcing three new triggers:

  • When a new task is created – pick a plan and any new tasks in that plan will trigger the flow. Use this trigger if you want to sync a plan with another data source, like SharePoint Online.
  • When a task is assigned to me – trigger a flow whenever a task is assigned to you – this way you could create an item in Wunderlist or Outlook Tasks.
  • When a task is completed – whenever an task is closed in a plan, the flow will run. You can use that to mark items in other services as completed, or just send a notification out.

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Shipped to First Release: Flow integration for SharePoint document libraries

I am happy to announce that we shipped Flow integration for SharePoint document libraries as well as the ability to launch flows interactively to our First Release users and tenants today. If you are a First Release user, or have your tenant marked as a First Release tenant, you should be seeing a Flow button in the command bar of your modern document libraries.

This integration helps your users automate repetitive tasks such as moving an email attachment into a document library folder, sending a selected item for feedback, posting to Yammer, or integrating files with other Microsoft or third-party services that Flow can access.

We will continue to make Flow integration better for document libraries over the coming months. Some of our plans include better support for all SharePoint data types, new actions that allow for sharing items, and new templates that make use of these additional capabilities.

This is also a great time to review some of the guidance on the governance for Flow as mentioned in our announcement:

We recommend that Office 365 Admins review the data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities for Microsoft Flow. All Office 365 Admins can sign into the Flow administration site without the need for any additional licenses, and set up rules that determine how data can flow between different Office 365 components (such as SharePoint, Outlook, Yammer) and other Microsoft and third party services. If you need more specific guidance on DLP and controlling user access to Flow, please check out our blog post announcing the general availability of Flow in Office 365 from last year, which covers these frequently asked questions.

We will monitor the usage patterns and telemetry, and continue rolling out these features to our production users over the coming weeks. Next step will be to roll it out to 50% of production tenants.

Please give these new features a try and let us know what you think.

Microsoft announces Team Flows, a collaborative experience for creating flows

Every now and then, Flow team adds supports for new services. Today, they are announcing full support for Gmail. Users can trigger flows whenever a new mail is sent to your Inbox, or even based on more specific conditions like when an email has a certain label or as marked as important. You can also use actions in gmail to Send email from your Gmail account or even manage emails by deleting them.