10 ways shift workers can use Teams – Microsoft Tech Community 

Continue reading to learn about the 10 ways Teams can unlock productivity for your shift workers. Of note, these capabilities will be made available to all Teams users.

1. Connect everyone in your organization with several options for communication
Alongside communication features such as chats, video calls and conversations organized by topic (aka channels), Walkie Talkie is a new push-to-talk experience in Teams that enables clear voice communication over the cloud, turning employee or company-owned smart phones and tablets into a walkie talkie.
This native capability consolidates the devices and apps that Firstline Workers use daily, and reduces the need for purchasing, provisioning and managing costs for IT. Walkie Talkie already works with the teams and users that you’ve already configured, and this feature securely eliminates cross-talk or eaves-dropping from outsiders. And since Walkie Talkie functions over Wi-Fi or cellular, this capability can be used across geographic locations. Lastly, Walkie Talkie will work across all operating systems and will integrate with the newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, a device built for workers on the front lines of any industry.
Availability: Walkie Talkie will be available in private preview in Teams in the first half of this year.
Samsung_XCover_Pro_with_Walkie_Talkie_forNRFBlog.pngYour Firstline Workers will be able to connect with team members across departments and locations with Walkie Talkie.

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