Top 5 advantages of syncing your files with OneDrive – Microsoft Tech Community – 839866

To get work done from anywhere, across your devices, you need ubiquitous access to all your files – online and offline. Business information needs to be up to date and in reach, without compromise.

Digital natives and mobile professionals expect this. And OneDrive does not disappoint. OneDrive is the intelligent files app for Microsoft 365—your conduit to access, share and collaborate on all your files anytime, from anywhere, and across all your devices.

Let us look at the top 5 benefits when using the OneDrive sync client:

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Source: Top 5 advantages of syncing your files with OneDrive – Microsoft Tech Community – 839866

Designing a Fluent Microsoft OneDrive Mobile Experience – Microsoft Tech Community – 757716

Last year we announced that Office Fluent Design would expand to OneDrive for the web and align with the entire Office 365 suite on a common color palette, typography and icon systems. We introduced a shared header seamless across products, with elements thoughtfully aligned to focus on what matters. As we continued to roll out the Fluent Design system and the revamped Office brand icons, we also updated the file folder representation, unveiling golden folders across web and mobile.

Today, we carry forward this broad design overhaul to mobile and are excited to share the refreshed look and feel of the OneDrive mobile app. We, too, are updating how you work with recent files, annotate PDFs, link to files via Outlook mobile and more.

Source: Designing a Fluent Microsoft OneDrive Mobile Experience – Microsoft Tech Community – 757716

NEW: Microsoft Adoption Resource Hub

You asked for a central place to find Microsoft 365 adoption resources and it is now LIVE!  View our first step in streamlining our adoption resources for Microsoft 365 at our unified Microsoft Adoption Resources page located at   This page pulls together existing and new resources to help you chart your path to productivity with our Microsoft services.  It includes:

  • Updated: Microsoft 365 Adoption Guide & workbook
  • NEW: Security and Compliance adoption toolkit
  • NEW: Teams in Government & Teams Devices Flyers (via the Teamwork Adoption Toolkit)
  • Updated:  SharePoint adoption guide and more…

SharePoint Online Provisioning Service

The SharePoint PnP Provisioning Service lets you add samples, templates and solutions to your Office 365 tenant.

The service provisions content and configuration for site collections, sites, and tenants as documented in each sample, template and solution. We strongly recommend deploying to a test tenant so that you can carefully analyze the results before deploying to your production tenant.

This is an open source community hosted service, so there is no direct support from Microsoft from standard support channels for this service or for the contents of samples, templates, and solutions. You can however get support by reporting any issues using the process defined later in this document.

SharePoint Online Provisioning Service

Turbocharging Microsoft 365 cloud user experiences


We want to take a moment and share many of the leap-frog innovations across user experiences, AI-powered insights and intelligent security. They are fast, phenomenal and fluid.

Much of the below are proof-point technologies either in place or coming to Microsoft 365 per related announcements from Microsoft Build 2019 and SharePoint Conference 2019. Let’s dive into the details…

Turbocharging Microsoft 365 cloud user experiences


SharePoint home sites: a landing for your organization on the intelligent intranet

SharePoint home sites, the latest innovation for the intelligent intranet, powered by Microsoft 365.

SharePoint home sites are the landing sites for your organization that bring together news, events, content, conversations and video to deliver an engaging experience that reflects your voice, your priorities, and your brand.  Home sites are built on top of familiar communication sites.

OneDrive Roadmap Round-up: March 2019 – Microsoft Tech Community – 392144

Want to know what happened to OneDrive in March of 2019? Well read on to learn how your experience is getting better each and every week!

We had some great improvements come to the product this month including:

  • Per Machine Sync Client preview
  • Live Captions & Subtitles in PowerPoint
  • A new OneDrive personalized provisioning flow
  • A script to check Known Folder Move status in your organization

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Source: OneDrive Roadmap Round-up: March 2019 – Microsoft Tech Community – 392144